Northern Offshore Services reach first page on Google.

Copywriter: Ulf Börgesson. Webb: 2creative.

Northern Offshore Services transport people, tools and equipment to offshore wind farms when maintenance is due, repair needed etc. And as their clients testify, they make an excellent job of it. Traffic to their website was, however, less than excellent.

The reason behind this was poor ranking in the Google search engine. Using relevant search terms the site ranked from 40 to 100+ in Google search (search page 4 to 10+).  This was serious: According to an American survey, 96 % of traffic to sites from Google is generated from the first search page. Page two provides 2,5 % of the traffic, appearing on page 3+ is virtually worthless. A lot of this ranking depends on how the website is written.

So the mission was to write new copy for the site and make sure it placed well in Google’s ranking of relevant search terms. What we in the industry call Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

After revision and re-write the site ranks on page one for the relevant search terms (1 – 5 if region is specified, 5 – 10 in a general search).

Also: Thanks to 2Creative for an excellent job on layout and webb programming.